Update - Club Championship, Bob Gunn Memorial Trophy, Ladies Club Championship, Ladies Bronze Bucket

A fantastic days golf today saw some epic finals. Iain Macdonald defeated Cameron Aitken in a great match which culminated in Iain hitting his tee shot at the 37th hole to 12 inches.
Congratulations to all the winners today. All finals were played in a great spirit and the spectators who came along to watch saw some great golf. Well played everyone.

Gents Club Championship - Iain S MacDonald beat Cameron Aitken at the 37th hole

Ladies Club Championship - Deborah Barton beat Jean Capes

Gents Bob Gun Memorial - Alan Provan beat Joe McLaughlin

Ladies Bronze Bucket      - Ann Brooks beat Karen Gibb

Well done everyone!!


Best of luck to all the competitors today - glorious day for golf at the highest level!

Club Championship             - Cameron Aitken v Iain S MacDonald

Bob Gunn Memorial Trophy - Joe McLaughlin v Alan Provan

Ladies Club Championship  - Deborah Barton v Jean Capes

Ladies Bronze Bucket         - Ann Brooks v Karen Gibb