Kirkwood Cup qualifiers progressing to the Knockout stages

Kirwood cup qualifiers progressing to the knockout stages:
Gerry McAllister, John Robertson, Michael McLennan, Colin Hambleton, Andrew Auld, David A MacDonald, Ted O'Rourke, Kevin Walker, Patrick Gallacher Neil Gibson, Euan Lindsay,Robert Sinclair, David Mcpaul, Robin Goodall,Robert Marshall,and Andrew Hayne.
First round draw to be played by 17th June is
Gerry McAllister v Robert Marshall
John Robertson v Robin Goodall
Michael McLennan v David McPaul
Colin Hambleton v Robert Sinclair
Andrew Auld v Euan Lindsay
David A MacDonald v Neil Gibson
Ted O'Rourke v Patrick Gallacher
Kevin Walker v Andrew Hayne
Best of luck to you all.