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Course is currently Open

**Course will re-open for play 11.30, no buggies allowed**

23.08.2017 10:54

  • Play the Course- Hole by Hole

    Hole 1. Par 3
    An uphill par 3 to start, There is a false front to the green so you need to trust the yardage. Do not compensate by over clubbing as the green slopes from back to front and you would not want to be faced with a very slick downhill shot to begin your round.

    Hole 2. par 4
    A shortish par 4 from an elevated tee. A winding burn normally only poses a problem if your drive is deflected off tree branches but can also capture a severe slice. The fairway slopes gently from left to right and the temptation is to hold the tee shot up against the slope. This can be a mistake as the left hand semi can often bring the ball to an early stop leaving a tight approach. Better to let the tee shot go with the contours and face a more open approach shot.

    Hole 3. Par 5/4
    Par 5 from the medal tee, 4 from the ordinary tee. A fairly routine par 5 if played as a par five although the burn down the left and across the green front will always focus the mind. Some of the longer hitters are tempted into carrying the front burn to the green in two shots- with varying degrees of success.

    Hole 4. Par 3
    A strong par three of around 200 yards. Open to the front but anything landing short will tend to drift off to the right. Well bunkered to left and right. Nicely maintained flower bed to the back of the green adds to general ambience.

    Hole 5. Par 4
    Short par 4 but no formality. The hole is shaped from left to right and slopes in that direction. The green is the main defence being slick, slopey and sadistic. Best to position the tee shot leaving a shot which will grip a bit for control. Any putt from the back left is no fun whatsoever.

    Hole 6. Par 4
    A demanding par four with the tee shot played though a left-right sloping gap in the trees. The job is far from done once you are through the gap. The approach shot is partly blind onto a plateau green with a severe drop off behind down to the burn. At least the green is fairly flat and predictable.

    Hole 7. Par 4
    Not a long par four but thought provoking. The tee shot needs to allow a clear line past the plantation on the right but not so far as to hit the clinging rough to the left. A narrow well bunkered approach to the green will test, especially with onshore winds.

    Hole 8. Par 3
    A bonny par three. Easy to end up short if you allow what you think you see to over-rule what the yardage says. More pars available from just over the back than from short. Young trees to left pose an increasing influence.

    Hole 9. Par 4
    First of Largs’s own “Amen Corner” Positioning of the tee shot vital if you are to have a straight shot at the green. The left turn for the second shot involves carrying the wide expanse of burn, over or through trees on either side and onto a steeply banked green with a ridge across the middle. Just when you thought you would reach the turn unscathed!

    Hole 10. Par 4
    Doubling back on the 9th the tee shot is again a vital ingredient. The hole turns sharply left and down hill after about 220 yards and beyond a coppice of trees to the left. There is an avenue of trees to the right. If you accomplish a good position from the tee you now have to fly a longish shot over the same burn as the previous hole, over an 8ft high steep bank and onto the green. Once there the green is banked up at the back, flattish and fair.

    Hole 11. Par 4
    Probably the toughest par 4 on the course. The first time visitor will say “where on earth am I supposed to go?” If your natural shot is a fade then you have the advantage. There is a marker post partly visible through the forests and if you can work a high fade off that line you may- but only may- have a clear (but long) shot to a back to front sloping green at the top of a steep banking. Five is no disaster!

    Hole 12 Par 5
    More straightforward golf from here in. 12 is an attractive par 5 from an elevated tee. Important to stay far enough right or you will be blocked out and need a lot of club for your approach. Reachable for the long hitters in the right conditions but normally a three shotter with a precise approach shot needed to avoid running off the green.

    Hole 13. Par 4
    Visually very rewarding part of the course. This hole meanders gently, first left to right and then left to right. The front part of the green is obscured by a slope. Strong borrows on the back left to front right slope.

    Hole 14. Par 3
    A real cutie this one. Shortish with room at the front of the green which progressively narrows towards the championship positions. Wind is sometimes difficult to predict through the trees.

    Hole 15 Par 4
    Long, tough par four. As for most holes on Kelburn, much premium on tee shot placement. Right half of the fairway is a must if you are going to have a go in two. Bunkers right and left and a nasty wee ditch just over the back. 4 is very good.

    Hole 16 Par 4
    Seen as a birdie chance but you need to be in position off the tee. The burn running across is about 200 yards out so decide- lay up or carry. Sometimes lay up gives more options as you can be blocked out from narrow entrance line if too far up the fairway. Subtle green lines.

    Hole 17 par 4
    Positive tee shot favouring right half of fairway needed to find a straight line into a firm plateau green. Burn across the front about 10 yards short . Boundary wall along left hand side may come into play with a bounce of the green.

    Hole 18 Par 4
    On to the closing hole. Burn across the front bends further away on right hand side creating an increasing problem the further right your drive travels. The green is elevated with a diagonal ridge across the width. More than one player has putted back down the fairway so care needed. Area of small trees and shrubs short right of the green will challenge your approach. Walk off with a par and you can be content.